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Writing With Static in the Airwaves

I know what I need among other things
knowing what is needed among us
humungus amuckus
blunt stumped thunk
rapture deep like space

bump move mood
long angelic strands of light bending
swaying motion

trying to create a masterpiece
can be trying at times lost
in wonder thinking whatever
knowing something
every once in a while

bogus love bloom
gloom doom boom!
give me some room

have I used that word before?
beat infectious
rhythm stop
where have heard before?

more later on that J.B.
memo to all invoked
vote correctly

grampa made me laugh
I saw a giraffe
through the woods
tisking taskets
masks made to order
masks made to match
the room needs a boarder
the door needs a latch
gimmee a quarter
there ain't no catch

     -- Cass Hook

All Text and Images: Copyright by Scout Stormcloud and Cass Hook, 2005.