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The World

the race was on when first he saw it
faces smiling and wondering
mouths releasing sounds which
eventually became symbols for concepts
and actions and things and other
beings (that's what he learned to call them)

gradually he mastered functions
of his apparent mechanics
total identification as one of those

and positioned his body (again
as described) to explore that
which he found before him

the sun, the moon, the earth
the plants, the animals, the intransigent
the wind, the water, the cold, the dark
touch, smell, taste, subtlety
anger, joy, greed, and
looking out for number one
while other numbers seem
as one
the past, the future, the now
poverty, comfort, creation
infinity and the end

     -- Cass Hook

All Text and Images: Copyright by Scout Stormcloud and Cass Hook, 2005.