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 Cass Hook

Biography of Cass Hook

Cass Hook began his involvement with the arts in the 1970's as a partner in a night club in Austin, Texas. Later Hook worked as a representative of a musical group and sold advertising for various arts journals. In the 80's Hook published his own journal of creative writing, The Dead Tree, a book of his own poetry Precognition, and became a partner in Amazing Records,a label that produced Austin and other Texas Artists.

During this time Hook began to draw and work in watercolor and pastels. In the nineties, after attempting a few woodcarvings, Hook began a study of sculpture at the Elizabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory, now the Austin Sculpture Center. Hook's most recent show was a two person show with Scout Stormcloud at Gallery Lombardi in Austin, Texas.

All Images: Copyright by Scout Stormcloud and Cass Hook, 2005.